Avalon is a big town located in the east of Valadro.

Led by the multi millonairee Tycoon, Dragoth81, Avalon is the Capital of the most successful Starquest nation to date, Babylon. Dragoth is accompanied in leadership by Co-Mayors Warning66, and Mercykiller173.

Members Edit

Town Leaders: Edit

  • -Dragoth81, Mayor
  • -Warning66, Co-Mayor
  • -Mercykiller173, Co-Mayor
  • -hollisterguy10, Town Assistant

Members: Edit

  • -R475H1N
  • -Odysseus626
  • -tom21l
  • -Nimrod2002
  • -Ornate_Jellyfish
  • -Moneybags118
  • -emitLLort
  • -Shockingstart
  • -luckyme114
  • -HawkeyeGamer1104
  • -EV0LNinja
  • -brandon11801
  • -Neonmax542
  • -Jmr123456

Renovations Edit

Avalon is currently under huge renovations to areas such as the main hangar, and the new Avalon area. Lots of construction has been completed to date, and will continue.

History (W.I.P) Edit

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