An example of a Carrier

The Carrier is the smallest ship which can move with other ships connected to it and is the only such ship that is neither Warp-class nor Flag-class. Because of its large size and ability to move other ships, it's possible to use a Carrier as a mobile base of operations.


  • Speed: 5 BPS
  • Blocks: 50-2000 (60% Wool)
  • Cannons : 0
  • Starfighters : 8
  • Torpedo Launchers : 1% (20 max)
  • Storage: 3% (60 max)
  • Unlocked With: TBA
  • Special Traits: The Carrier has the ability to carry Starfighters! If each fighter has 2 cannons then it can carry a maximum of 8, which is why it has a rather large cannon limit.