Certifications (AKA certs) are a mechanic in Starquest used to unlock new ship classes. Unlocking a certification requires a sum of credits and a minimum number of contract points of a certain type. The points are not consumed when used to unlock a cert. The fighter, shuttle, and speeder certs are unlocked by default.

Certification Name


Money required
gunship Requires fighter cert and 11 reputation or infamy 50K
lightfreighter Requires shuttle cert and 11 merchanting or smuggling 50K
lightyacht Requires speeder cert and 33 philanthropy 50K
lightminer Requires speeder cert and 22 philanthropy 50K
skiff Requires speeder cert and 22 merchanting or smuggling 50K
tank Requires speeder cert and 22 reputation or infamy 50K
pursuer Requires fighter cert and 33 reputation or infamy 50K
courier Requires shuttle cert and 33 merchanting or smuggling 50K
To be continued...

Ship Upgrades Edit

fighter_(upgrade) Requires fighter cert 3750c
shuttle_(upgrade) Requires shuttle cert 3750c
speeder_(upgrade) Requires speeder cert 3750c

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