Cruisers are battleships. Huge, lumbering and incredibly powerful, even the most hardened pirate thinks twice before raiding anything protected by a cruiser or two. A faction rich enough to roster a cruiser is likely very powerful.


  • Speed: 10 BPS
  • Blocks: 601-1200 (60% Wool)
  • Cannons : 8
  • Torpedo Launchers : 1% (12 max)
  • Storage: 3% (36 max)
  • Unlocked With: 55 Piracy or Privateer contract points and 200,000 credits


2014-02-28 15.18.06

A Novus Cruiser

A full barrage by a cruiser is almost certain death for a ship caught in its line of fire. Expensive and powerful, cruisers are the heavy hitters of any faction's fleet. While being just as fast as a fighter, their whopping ten cannons are terrible to behold. Cruisers are often found as flagships of faction navies, used in attacking other factions or defending against pirates. Pirate factions will also use them as flagships, and woe betide any freighter that finds itself chased by a pirate cruiser- most freighter escorts cannot hope to stand up to them.


The cruiser is available to pilot only by very experienced pilots. 55 contract points are required in either Piracy or Privateering classes, as well as 200,000 credits. You cannot use a mix of points.

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