The Fighter - the most basic combat ship, but so much more than just that. Many factions keep fleets of these small, capable ships long after their starting days, as they remain useful in several other roles.


  • Speed: 15 BPS
    2013-08-03 16.02.05

    A typical Fighter.

  • Blocks: 10-200 (60% Wool)
  • Cannons : 2
  • Torpedo Launchers : 0%
  • Storage: 3% (Which becomes 6 droppers)
  • Unlocked by default


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The 15 different colors of basic starfighter available from the ship fabricator on Interstellar Station.

The Fighter is the first combat ship certification you'll receive upon arrival at Interstellar Station. Even though it is a beginner ship, that by no means makes it weak; they remain useful ships through all stages of play. The starfighter excels at sneaking- pirates searching for prey often mistake their small forms for space junk. They can at most carry six storage crates, but they are still plenty of room to carry one person's posessions. Their two cannons make them capable in a firefight, and their small profile makes them a more difficult target than any other type of ship. The flip side of that is that if they do get hit, the chances of hitting a critical system are very high. Common uses of the Fighter include personal transport, escorting Freighters  and, in groups, assaulting larger ships. Fighters often travel in squadrons aboard Carriers.The next level of combat ship above the Fighter is the Gunship.