NOTE: This town is now called Carthage, and NOT Galactica

Carthage is a small town in northwestern Kelakaria. It currently has only 6 members, but is doing well. It features a town hall, a dock tower, and a hangar. However, at the time of this writing, construction is still heavily underway.

Ships Edit

The town currently manufactures a starfighter design called the Turtle Mk. I. It has a number of these armored starfighters along with others.

History Edit

The town started when Matthew385 left Grandhaven and founded a town on Kelakaria. Things went smoothly, and the town grows steadily. It has had several confrontations with some Settlers, but has not faced any kind of major attack. It is currently a member of TUPA and has no enemies.

Important Members Edit

Matthew385 <Citizen> - Mayor

Luipher1010 <Colonist> - Co-Mayor and builder

Ice_Bear <Citizen> - Member

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