Heaven is a nation centered on the planet Kelakaria.

The nation is run by craigy1, or Messiah, as he appears in game.


  • Heaven started originally as a town known as Bethlehem. Later, a town called Constantinople was formed, and it became a nation known as Heaven.


Towns and FactionsEdit

There are currently four towns and one faction in Heaven.

  • Bethlehem, the original town, has over 30 members, which only a small group still remain fairly active. It is often admired for its amazing architecture made by the town's builder, skd5.
  • Constantinople is the newer town, run by jqd7. It currently is completely under construction.
  • Easle (pronounced "Ah-slay") is the pirate faction run by Xeronne. It was formed after Xeronne was kicked out of Skydogs. Currently the only member is Xeronne, and both of the Easle bases are under construction.
  • Astrakane is a new town formed by ice20039 and is currently under construction.
  • Atmos is another town that has recently joined , it's mayor is ArmorX


These are the main Heaven members.

  • Messiah (craigy1) is the leader of Heaven, and one of the original founders of Bethlehem.
  • skd5 is one of the original founders of Bethlehem andthe nation's main architect, known for building towering structures from stone slabs.
  • jqd7 is one of the original Bethlehem founders, and the leader of Constantinople and a co-leader of Heaven.
  • GroxTerror (Grox) is a longtime member and member of the nation council.
  • Genuis_kid97 is one of the original founders of Bethlehem and technician.
  • Xeronne is the leader of Easle.
  • Hollisterguy10 (Hollister) is the senator, diplomat and another member of the council.
  • armin2012 is a longtime member and an inactive member of the council.
  • jmr123456 is the owner of a shipping company associated with Heaven.