There are many people who run the server that are very important to the community. The most noteworthy are below:

Staff Edit

Dibujaron: Developer

LittleWolf30510: Developer

Lawrencethefrog: Jr. Developer

Nickmiste: Jr. Developer

Elltob: Jr. Developer

Thedrew655: Former Manager (inactive)

TheJrusso101: Former Manager (inactive)

Generaltyler1: Manager

oldskoolish: Manager

Moneybags118: Manager

little_liggo: Manager

go_deacs1996: Game Moderator/Media

Krayolla: Game Moderator

stowaway8888: Game Moderator

Zorecknor: Game Moderator

TheBeaver99: Game Moderator

swils24: Game Moderator

If a mod has been not listed and forgotten, please add him/her! All moderators are important people.

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