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Light Freighters are the workhorses of the solar system. Faster than the other classes of freighter, the light freighter still manages to offer a decently sized cargo hold. Like all freighters, its main drawback is weaponry- it has two cannons that have a hard time defending against pirate attacks. Light freighters often travel with starfighter or gunship escorts.



Light freighters find use almost everwhere across the solar system. Smaller towns and settlements use them to ship products back to Interstellar Station for sale to the larger universe, while pirate factions often take one along on raids to store the loot. This class of ship is also a favorite of independent tradesmen captains who make their living hopping between planets, buying each planet's principal exports and selling it on another planet for profit. Most light freighter captains fend off pirates by hiring starfighter or gunship escorts to protect them along their trip. The next level of freighter is the Heavy Freighter.


The Light Freighter is unlocked by achieving the rank of Colonist or Pirate. It is available to both rank tracks.

  • Cost: 50,000
  • Requires: 11 Trading or Smuggling