Miners. They're for mining. Obviously.


  • Speed: 0.5 BPS (Light Miner) / 1 BPS (Miner) / 1.5 BPS (Heavy Miner)
  • Blocks: 10-100 (60% Wool)
  • Cannons : 0
  • Torpedo Launchers : 0%
  • Storage: 6% (Which becomes 6 droppers)
  • Light Miner unlocked with: 11 Philanthropy points and 50,000 credits
  • Miner unlocked with: 33 Philanthropy points and 200,000 credits
  • Heavy Miner unlocked with: 55 Philanthropy points and 800,000 credits
  • Special Traits: Drill Heads can be applied to the exterior of the ship. These will break blocks in front of it while flying in that direction. Light miners use Iron blocks as drill heads, and will not mine through liquids or obsidian. Miners require Gold blocks as drill heads, will mine through liquids, but not obsidian. Heavy Miners use Diamond blocks as drill heads, and will mine through both liquids and obsidian.


These very specialized ships are good for one thing and one thing only: mining. Using a properly constructed mining ship, one is able to dig down to bedrock, then begin mining tunnels from there on out using the ship. However, miners are hard to transport over large distances due to their extremely low speed.  

A miner can only have 10% iron blocks and requires at least 60% wool, making it hard to fit other blocks on a miner. When a miner mines, the mined blocks will be inserted into the pilot's inventory. However, if the pilot's inventory is full, the blocks will be destroyed.