Otavo is a savanna planet with peaceful aliens that resemble cows and horses. It also has dangerous spiders that can cause a lot of damage because of their venom, they can be avoided during the day as they cannot see, but you will visible to them during the night. Most of the factions, most likely by coincidence, are connected by the vast and complex rivers and oceans. Otavo has many factions capitals, such as TUPA, Astrakane, and SFF. It is called the food planet because food grows very fast on Otavo.

Vital statistics
Coordinates Unknown
Level Medium planet
Type Food planet
Wool String from Spiders
Hostile Mobs Poison Spiders
Passive Mobs Cows - Horses
Melons/Pumpkins/Sugar Cane Low
Carrots/Potatoes/Wheat High
Trees Vanilla
Coal None
Iron None
Gold Low
Lapis Low
Redstone Low
Diamond None

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