There are twelve habitable planetoids in the three solar systems of StarQuest, all with unique benefits and disadvantages. No one planet will have everything you will need to be successful. You must travel, trade, or steal to obtain all the resources that you need. You can read about the various planets here, in order from nearest to the sun to furthest away:

In order to go from solar system to solar system you must use either a SlipGate or, if your ship is too big for the gate, a SlipDrive (see Advanced Shipbuilding).

Current Star Systems Edit

These planets are about to be removed due to an update.

These are the current star systems and their planets after the 3.0 update.

Trinitos Alpha (Easy): Edit

Alpha Star

The star of Trinitos Alpha is red.

  • Cetallion(other), a safe mushroom planet with no dangerous creatures (based off of Boletarian)
  • Grun(ore), a mesa, desert and an oasis planet, low in wildlife but high in minerals (based off of Quavara)
  • Rakuria(wool), a forest planet, with flower trees containing all colors of polymer naturally (based off of Kelekaria)
  • Loyavas(food), a planet covered in mountainous taiga and it has very fertile soil (Can be compared to Acualis, however, it consisted of a low ocean with huge plateaus rising out, while Loyavas has a large ocean with mountains rising out of it)

Trinitos Beta (Medium): Edit

2015-07-17 16.54.10

The star of Trinitos Beta is green.

  • Eratoss(wool), a cold mountainous barren landscape covered in nothing but snow and ice (based off of Iffizar)
  • Otavo(food), a warm savanna planet, with fertile soils and rapid rivers (based off of Valdaro)
  • Sampetra(other), a humid jungle planet with sparkling seas (based off of Boskevine)
  • Uru(ore), a red desert with beautiful oases, massive craters, deep cave systems and chaparral lake areas (Somewhat drew inspiration from quavara, however, this cannot be confirmed.

Trinitos Gamma (Hard): Edit

  • Xylos(other), a blazing hot volcanic wasteland, home to hellish creatures and rare type of quartz known to be as Xylosian Quartz (based off the old Cehrraham)
  • Avaquo(ore), a sea world, with huge cave systems below sea levels that contain rare minerals in high amounts and dangerous rogue skywatch shocktroopers (based off the deleted Luna Inaris)
  • Tallimar(wool), a frigid snow taiga filled with icy pine forests, and a dangerous beast known to be the Energy Phatom (based off of Krystallos and Iffrizar)
  • Nalavor(food), a swampy planet with muddy rivers and huge trees with thick leaves, perfect for tree homes and also home to Nalavorian native witches (based off of Boskevine)

Legacy Planets: Edit

These planets were removed.

These star systems were in the versions of StarQuest before the 3.0 update. However, most of the new planets draw inspiration from these old planets. The old planet's can be downloaded here: Old Planets

The Regalis System: Edit

  • Spawn Station, where you begin your journey
  • Quavara, a desert wasteland planet currently infested by the most feared pirate on the server
  • Boletarian, a thick mushroom planet where most settlers and refugees first colonize
  • Kelakaria, a jungle planet with a canopy of polymer leaves, great for avid shipbuilders to colonize
  • Bosquevine, a spider-filled jungle planet which is, for the most part, quite peaceful

The Digitalia System: Edit

  • Ceharram, a fiery, Nether-like wasteland

The Defalos System: Edit

  • Emera, a thick forest with fertile grounds, used by devs to test new features, and was protected by infamous pirates
  • Acualis, an array of islands with steep cliffs
  • Krystallos, an alpine planet

Destroyed Planets: Edit

These planets were removed before the 3.0 update.

  • Drakos, a barren volcanic wasteland
  • Inaris, an inaccessible gas giant in the Regalis system.
  • Luna Inaris Oceanic moon of Inaris, the only old planet with caves.

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