Brief Description Edit

The Red Band (exact in-game name is RedBand) is a upcoming faction owned by the Leader Mr_Zilla and Officer darkdragon1280.

The faction's headquarter is on Quavara, located at x: 1581, z: -462. The faction has currently just a few oupost, on Kelakaria located at x: -624 and z: 355, Boskevine located at x: 960 z: -696, Boletarian located at x: 1572 z: 712 and a valadro farm chunk at x: -520 z:664.

The Red Band has currently five allies which are ONI, sky9faction, 99thLegion, starwalker, Temerarius. The faction also is in truce with the faction Scrappers.

Mr Zilla
Mr_Zilla (faction leader
darkdragon1280 (aka daredevil28)(Kel-Outpost-leader)
Kirbytron3000 (bol-farmer)
Qazfdsa (bosk_farmer)

RedBand hangar with faction leader Mr_Zilla

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