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Now that you are playing on the Starquest server, there are some important things to know before you are able to begin your spacefaring adventures.

Before You Log InEdit

Even before you start to play Starquest, a few steps will help transition you into the Starquest experience. First off, Starquest runs on Minecraft 1.8 It is highly recommended you play with the resource pack. Not only does it modify many textures to match the space aesthetic, it changes many of the names and sounds as well. Otherwise, it might be disorienting to hear other players discussing Ship Controllers (Clocks), Satan's Stalk (Nether Wart), and Blasters (Bows). If you are curious enough, hop into creative mode on singleplayer and look at all the changes that have been made by the StarQuest team.

Furthermore, read over the core rules of Starquest. This way, you will be well informed and able to not only avoid breaking them yourself, but also to remind others not to do so.

Your First StepsEdit

When you spawn at the Trinitos Station, you will be in a passenger ship designed to transport refugees to Trinitos. There is a docking tube that leads to the station. Use the elevators to get to the tutorial room. When you are there, read the signs! Although this can be very boring, it is very helpful to know how to fly when you start your voyage into space all alone.

Once you have read the signs, keep following the yellow carpet to get to the shuttle landing. From there you have four planets that you can choose to go to, Cetallion, Rakuria, Loyavas, or Grun. To start your voyage to one of these planets, follow the respective carpet color of that planet. At the end of the carpet, there should be a shuttle waiting for the signal to depart. Board the shuttle, and start your journey! (Note: It is recommended that you go to either Rakuria or Loyavas first, as they have both wood and wool.)

Planet Side Edit

Finally, you have made it to the surface of the planet! Proceed to the speeder bay and buy a speeder. There are six steps to piloting a speeder that can be found in the hangar bay. Follow these simple steps, and you should be able to become an amazing speeder pilot!

To fly your speeder:

1) left click the speeder to pilot the ship

2) hold your clock from /kit starter

3) face the hangar

4) press and hold shift to move.

5) to turn, right or left click the wheel sign

6) fly far away from spawn!" -StarQuest Signs 2015

To see where you are going, you can open the dynamic map. This map displays all the planets and space systems.

(The below text is currently in progress of being 3.0'd --TheBeaver)

Now that you can fly, the galaxy is your oyster! Similarly, when on a planet, fly up to leave. Picking a planet on which to start your base is a matter of great importance, as it will dictate the initial endowment of resources available to you, as no single planet has every resource.

The easiest planets on which to begin are Rakuria and Loyavas, as both of them have wood and food, necessary for early survival; additionally all planets have polymer in some form-check their respective entries for the way to attain them. However, if you are interested in more of a challenge, you can view the full list of planets and what they have available here.

Once you have reached a planet, you will need to secure a base and decide your future. A basic tutorial on how to protect your base can be found at this page.

What's Next?Edit

Once you have your base set up, protection included, you are set to explore! If you are planning on going to any different planets, you will need to collect polymer, and things involved in making ships. You will have to understand certifications and contracts in Starquest as well, as that will be one of the most important things you can learn about. The ships you have unlocked at the very beginning are as follows; Speeder, Shuttle, and Fighter.

The ship type Speeder is from the line of Utility ships (See this), Shuttle from Transport, and Fighter from Combat.

Once you have made a ship that can leave the atmosphere (Shuttle or Fighter), you will need to use the dynmap to figure out where you are going. For starters, anywhere in the Alpha system would be suitable until you become more prepared.

Eventually, you will build experience and wealth, making the experience of SQ more enjoyable than ever.

We hope you enjoy Starquest, and care about it as much as we do!

 Building A Ship / Getting CreditsEdit


So, you want to create a ship in a decent manner? First, we need to discuss the two ways to get the required items:

1) Grinding

2) Buy it with Credits


These are the most important things in the world. You get them from contracts. Do /contract help to see all the commands.

Now, don't get slacky while picking your contracts: depending on your job, this is a BIG factor in determining how often you get raided, AND who raids you!

Side VS. Side : the perks/disadvanges of each (also touching the "raiding factor")Edit

There are 2 sides: pirates (Dark Side) And colonists (Light Side).

Remember when i lightly touched upon the "Raiding factor"? Well, here's a basic explanation.

Pirates are put on the "wanted list" and are hunted by privateers, colonists, merchants, and even OTHER PIRATES! Why? 'Cause contracts (remember those?) sometimes make you hunt people.And where's a better place than THEIR BASE! Now, you're saying "Wait, how does that turn into a factor?" Simple. doing /contract wanted will let you see ALL of the wanted people. Combine THAT with dynmap, and they have you pinned down. There is no escape.

So therefore, being a pirate gets you raided A LOT more than the colonists.

Now, for a description of each "side":

Pirates: if you want to go solo, these guys are your best bet. they're hunted by EVERYONE. Even other pirates! Most of their jobs require killing and "smuggling".

Colonists: Think of this like teaming up on someone in CoD. The colonists gang up on the pirates. They Work Together to kill all the pirates. They are considered noobs but actually do most of the killing.

So, what are the contracts for colonists? Well, it's the same thing as the side description. Co-op is very beneficial, but if you prefer to help Skywatch clear the skies, that's ok too, there's always privateering.

(Same as always, privateering backup is great)

So which is best? offence....but colonist might be better if you're a "n00b".

if you're a Vet and have been around since 1.0, go ahead, go YOLO and go solo (Hey, that rhymes...)

Ship building 101Edit

Now, we all wish we could build the massive protoss carrier of our dreams (SC2 reference), but considering resets, the idea should definitely stay in our dreams and drawing boards.

But still, always consider ship design!

As you know, back in the good ol' days (not just FO1, we're talking American civil war), A preferred Naval strategy was to make a wooden ship WITH STONE INSIDE! See where this is going? turret fire? It can be stopped RIGHT IN ITS TRACKS via putting a little cobble inside. You don't gotta be rich to make THAT!

This doesn't come from history of warfare , but I also wanted to mention this:

A "bullet shield"

By this, I mean a cobble, wood, or even WOOL shield in the front/back/sides of the ship. How is this useful? Well stops turret fire!

You should all know this, but ALWAYS travel in a pack, it's MUCH safer. bonus points if you go with your fac, and SUPER-MEGA BONUS POINTS if your faction member(s) offer you the safety of travelling in their carrier or on the roof of their ship.

Good Luck And Have Fun With StarQuest!

)  -CameronTyler1   :)

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