Suidobashi is a medium-small sized town with about 15 members, some inactive or active, most of the town
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Suidobashi in december

is very active. Currently Suidobashi is undergoing drastic renovations, which has caused a lot of the town to look very bad. We focus mainly on shipbuilding and polymer trading. Suidobashi has recently joined the nation Babylon

Organizations Edit

The town has two divisions.

  • SORED - the Suidobashi Official Redstone Engineering Department, does R&D relating to redstone mechanisms and server plugins
  • Resource Management Division- An organization devoted to keeping the town thriving and with all resources we need to flourish. It consists of three sub-divisions:
    • Trade Sub-Division: Focuses on Trade routes, Allies, Spawn runs and all things to deal with imports and exports.
    • Tourism Sub-division: Focuses on how to make our town look nicer, have more people visiting and/or being our clients, and helps keep the community of our town going with inter-towny shops, and other community things.
    • Resource Collection Sub-Division (also known as the Resource Guild): Keeps resources that are needed in the town, and helps act as a quartermaster of supplies. Farmers, Miners, and other resource collectors fall under this Sub-division.

Shipbuilders are not part of any of these divisions. Suidobashi takes orders and assigns it to a willing shipbuilder. You can also request a specific shipbuilder or other things.

Suidobashi also trades away resources like leather, beef, wheat, and other crops.

Members Edit

Oregus - Mayor

Psych0bob - Assistant Mayor, Head of Resource Management

Echo16 - Head of SORED

nixx59 - Head of DoTaT

Blak472 - SORED Member?

Echo18 - SORED Member?

buba141 - SORED Member

raywave0_3 - Member?

EliteRider101 - Member?

SWonham - Active Town member, Mayor of Suidogeni Outpost

DevinFirestone - Active Member

Wonham: Somewhat Active member, member of Suidogeni Outpost

daredevil28 - Member

Mastermagi00 - Active Member

epic_silverfish - Active Member

mrsune13- Active Member

tiny1076 - Active Member

As of March 20th, 2018 @ 8:53 AM PST, this list is up-to-date.

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Here are some pictures of Suidobashi.

Suidobashi at christmas

Suidobashi from above in December

Suidobashi Hangar

Suidobashi hangar