For whatever reason, people may forget or skip the tutorial, or may just have a complex question. But, you need a tip that can help you in any situation: Don't die.

Look no further, you'll find all the answers here!

Ships Edit

Q: What is a ship/What constitutes as a ship? Edit

A ship is a vessel you will use to travel between planets. Specific ship designs have different resource requirements, but all ships must be constructed with polymer (wool). Polymer can be found in Kelakarian trees (the fourth planet from the sun in the Regalis [spawn] system) or Iffrizarian/Acualian sheep (in the Digitalia/Defalos systems, respectively). For a listing of ship types, look here

Different ship varieties require specific ranks in order to pilot. In some cases, ships may be restricted to either the Colonist or Pirate progression path. As a general rule, the larger a ship (block size), the higher the rank needed to fly it.

Q: What is my ship used for? Edit

At the core, your ship is the only way in which you can travel across space to a planet. You may not leave nor enter a planet's atmosphere without being in a ship. You may also not travel between star systems without a ship. This makes your ship critical for transportation.

But your ship can also serve as much more. Your ship can be outfitted with storage crates (droppers) in order to transport goods to interstellar market so that you can earn a living. Your ship can also be armed with cannons and turrets to defend itself or attack others while travelling. Finally, while unconventional, it is fully possible to refurbish your ship into a mobile base of operations, and essentially live a nomadic lifestyle.

Q: How do I fly my ship? Edit

This is an extremely common question. Once you have your ship, you will need a ship controller (clock) to fly it. Your first one can be obtained by typing "/kit starter". If you lose this ship controller you can use the commands /kit controller and /kit clock.

Now that you have the controller and a ship, you can fly wherever you wish. To do this, right click on the sign that says "Starfighter". This is the ignition sign, and it starts up the ship. While it is like this, you cannot leave or destroy blocks on the ship. Now, to move, hold the controller and press shift, while facing the direction you want to go - this also works for up and down. If you wish to rotate the ship, left or right click with an empty hand on the helm sign, the one which looks like a steering wheel. Finally, to stop the ship so you can disembark or build, simply right click the ignition sign again.

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