Minecraft Tutorials w Ben Turrets & Torpedoes (SQ)-2

Minecraft Tutorials w Ben Turrets & Torpedoes (SQ)-2

A torpedo is an advanced weapon That is launched by a torpedo launcher that can be mounted on ships. It is more powerful than the cannon, and is not fired by clicking with a controller while captaining a ship, like cannons, but rather activated by using the sign. Torpedoe launchers also need to be refilled, unlike cannons.

Making a torpedo launcherEdit

Place a dispenser facing out. Then put two mechanical blocks (sponges) behind it and then a sign on the end saying [torpedo] on the first line.

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Place one firework rocket in each slot of the dispenser. Putting more in will waste shots, as it fires per slot, not per item. Note: The fireworks are blank, unprocessed fireworks. Fireworks that have their luanch information set may not work (needs checking) Dibujaron's own instructions on how to build a torpedo launcher:

"To build it, you place a dispenser and then on the back of the dispenser you place a mechanical block, and then on the back of that you place another mechanical block. On the back of that, you place a sign that says [torpedo] and right click it. You load the firework rockets into the dispenser's 9 slots. When it fires it'll clear out one slot from the inventory no matter how many rockets are in the slot, so we recommend putting one rocket in each slot. The projectile is much more accurate than the standard cannon's, and so it can travel down a 1x1 barrel with no fear of hitting your ship. Just make sure the barrel doesn't have redstone power, because the projectile is a TnT block, and on getting redstone it will explode! It can be a challenge to build your ship in a way that you can easily reload the gun and also be able to reach the trigger, but I think you guys can figure it out."

Using a torpedo launcherEdit

To use a torpedo launcher simply click the sign and a torpedo will fly out the dispenser end. Shooting a torpedo consumes one of the fireworks inside the dispenser. Torpedoes only work in space.

External linksEdit

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