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Turrets are a type of medium power cannon that is independent from starships. Unlike regular cannons, they can be used anywhere- they can be mounted on starships or on planets. They can fire in all directions. Their main drawback is that, unlike traditional starship cannons, each turret must be manned. However, since each turret must be manned in order to be useful. however, turrets count towards the maximum amount of sponge a ship can have.

Building a turretEdit


Turrets are designed to be built into the roof of starships or bases. They are built by placing a glass block on top of a sponge block, on top of a dispenser. Place a sign on the dispenser with [turret] on the first line and right click it. Usually the turret is built in such a way that the sponge block is part of the roof of the starship, with the glass block sticking out above the ship and the control sign below. The floor must be at the same level as it is in the picture, otherwise when you leave the turret you will appear on top of it. Check out the pictures attatched to this section to get a visual example of this. Note: you may use stained glass instead of regular glass.

Alternatively, you can make the turret into an Anti-Personnel turret, EMP turret, or a cannon. The AP turret build is the same, but the sign says: [apturret]. This variation on the turret shoots arrows. Cannons have a sign that reads [cannon]. EMP turrets have a sign that says: [EMP]. If you replace the wool under the sign with a dispenser, you can put projectiles in the dispenser depending on the type of turret. If you build a turret without a dispenser it will fire fireballs. EMP turrets will temporaraly shut down a ship, making the pilot release it and the ship to stop moving.

Using TurretsEdit

To enter the turret, stand right in front of the sign and right click on the turret control sign. You will be teleported up into the turret dome. To fire the turret, left click with a ship controller in the direction you want to shoot. To leave the turret, right click with the ship controller.

If your turret gets shot it will be unusable. If you are in it when it gets shot, you will pop out of it.

WARNING: Turrets are not heat-shielded and if you enter or leave an atmosphere while in a turret strange things could happen. (Mostly, your turret breaks, permanently changing the machine block into a block of glowstone. Don't try it.)



cooldown: 1    

ammo:       - Greased Rounds    

projectile:  Fireball   

velocity: 1.3  

AP Turret:   

cooldown: 0.5     

ammo:       - Greased Rounds       - Incendiary Rounds   

projectile: Arrow    

velocity: 2.0   


cooldown: 10   

ammo:       - Cannon Shot      

projectile: Egg     

velocity: 0.5  

Emp Turret:  

ammo: -emp    

Specs on how the ammo modifies the shot:      

Incendiary:     id: 289 (Gunpowder)     fire: true     velocity: 0.90     quantity: 2    Greased Rounds:     id: 348 (Glowstone)     fire: false     velocity: 2     quantity: 8 Cannon Shot:     id: 263 (Coal)     fire: true     velocity: 1     quantity: 24   EMP: id: 331 (redstone) fire:false Quantity: 2