VerstecktStadt (or "Hidden City" in German) is a peaceful town located on the southern region of Boletarian. It mainly consists of hangars and farms, and it's members are almost never seen outside the town.

History Edit

The core members of Versteckt came from Kelakaria after their world guards there were ransacked by various pirate factions. After moving to Boletarian, the core group were contacted by the Local Government of Bolegaria and were invited to join the nation. The noobs accepted the invitation and were to name their town VerstecktStadt, a German name just like all the other towns.

The UnStable War Edit

A bit afterwards, while the town was still in a flimsy pre-townyed, world guarded state, a group of pirates named UnStable came in an attempt to kill the Town before it started. Members of Bolegaria came to the rescue of the noob-town and tried to fend off the UnStable group.

One of the opening battles in the UnStable War, from the aggressor's perspective: "Pugs in Space"

Present Edit

At the present, VerstecktStadt is not at war with anyone.

Town Residents Edit

[Settler] called2beamom

[Colonist] Sarahtj

Joining the Town Edit

At the moment, you can only join the town if you know TheBeaver in real life. In the future though, you may be able to join through other towns in Magrethea.

Layout Edit

East Wing Edit

The East side of the Town holds mostly farms, with a few hangars set aside for personal use.

West Wing Edit

The Western side of town is used for ship storage. Most of Versteckt's flag ships or freighters are on the west side.